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On January 1, 2002 physiotherapy services were de-listed form the Medical Services Plan of BC, which greatly impacted many people that were once covered for physiotherapy services. As a result, only patients that qualify for premium assistance status are eligible for 10 treatments per year, which includes physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractic, naturopathy, and podiatry. Patients with premium assistance are required to pay a $70 fee per treatment, while the balance of the treatment cost is covered by the medical services plan.

Patients that do not qualify for premium assistance are required to pay privately. If patients have Extended Health Benefits we are able to provide direct billing to several insurance companies.  The patient would then be only required to pay the amount not covered by the insurance company at each treatment. We suggest that patients check with their insurance companies prior to their first treatment to determine how much coverage they have for physiotherapy treatment. 

We also treat work related injuries (Worksafe BC) and motor vehicle accidents (ICBC).  Please note that we require a claim number prior to assessing or treating both Worksafe BC or ICBC claims.

The staff at Guisachan Physiotherapy are highly experienced in all of the above types of treatment coverage. Prior to your first treatment, we will request your BC Care Card number and date of birth. With this information we can determine if you are covered by the MSP of BC.



Effective February 15, 2024


Private Initial Treatment

Private Subsequent Treatment                      


Shockwave Private Treatment                                      


MSP Initial & Sub. Treatment


Shockwave MSP Treatment


ICBC Claims - Billed Directly to ICBC 

Approved Worksafe BC Claims - Billed Directly to Worksafe BC

DVA Treatment - Billed Directly to DVA via Medavie Blue Cross 


Late Cancellation/No-Show Fee

(Single area)

(Multiple areas)

(Single area)

(Multiple areas)

$ 110.00   

$ 140.00

$ 70.00

$ 87.00

$ 117.00

$ 110.00

$ 105.00


$ 50.00

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